Trade Name Flumeston
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone
Available Strengths 5mg
Packing 50 Tablets Per Box
Production Capacity 1 Million Unit each batch

Fluoxymesterone: 5mg

Strength QTY Per/Box (Price) Total price Order Now
5mg 100 $2.00 $200
5mg 200 $1.90 $380
5mg 300 $1.80 $540
5mg 500 $1.70 $850
5mg 1000 $1.60 $1600


What is Fluoxymesterone ? 

What are the Application of Fluoxymesterone ?

Fluoxymesterone 5mg

Fluoxymesterone  Is Commonly Known as Halotestin. Fluoxymesterone is an anabolic steroid used in the treatment of male HYPOGONADISM, delayed puberty in males, Low Testosterone and in the treatment of breast in women. It is a powerful oral steroid that drastically increases the strength at a specific body weight. It is Harms liver in most of the cases.