Testosterone Base

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Testosterone Suspension is one of the most powerful Anabolic steroids ever created.

Testosterone Base is simply raw testosterone.

There is no ester attached, meaning every last milligram of the contained solution is the pure testosterone hormone.

Testosterone injections for sale  is the best anabolic steroids and have very high demand in the market because of its safe nature,strength gains and mass gain while maintaining libido.

Testosterone Base: 250mg/ml

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Legit Testosterone comes in the water based suspension form and also in oil based form that is Testosterone base.

Testosterone base is the most potent form of testosterone because it does not gives out an Ester.

Usually testosterone suspension is painful while injecting.

Testosterone suspension doesn’t have ester that is why users inject 100-200mg on daily basis or in alternate days that depends upon the goal.

Esters are not present in suspension that is why in the testosterone suspension injection users get 100mg free hormone in 100mg injection.

That is why it is said to be the safest and the best Testosterone among all the other form of Testosterone enanthate Testosterone cypionate Testosterone propionate.

What are the uses and benefits of Testosterone Base in Bodybuilding ?

What are the effects of Testosterone ?

  • Skin : Hair Growth,Collagen Growth
  • Sex Organs : Sperm Production , Erectile Dysfunction, Prostate Growth
  • Muscles : Muscle Growth, Increased Strength, Increased Endurance
  • Brain : Increased Sexual Drive, Improved Mood, Memory Function
  • Bone Marrow : Red Blood Production
  • Bones : Maintenance Of Bone Mass Density

What are the signs of Low Testosterone ?

  • Stroke
  • Constant Fatigue
  • Heart Attack
  • Increased fat Tissue
  • Increase of ED problems and Low LIbido
  • Increased Size Of Breast Tissue
  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Prostate Cancer

Cycle of Testosterone Base 

Cycle 1

Testosterone Base only

Week 1-4InjectableTestosterone 50mgPer Day
Week 5-8InjectableTestosterone 100mgPer Day
Week 9-12InjectableTestosterone 200mgPer Day
Week 14-17PCT OralsClomide 50mg/Nolvadex20mgPer Day