Drostanolone propoinate

Masteron Propionate is an anabolic androgenic steroid that has the scientific name of Drostanolone Propionate derived from dihydrotestosterone. It comes in injectable form dihydrotestosterone has been modified with 2 methyl group to increase its anabolic androgenic properties. It is presently unavailable as a prescription drug product. It has been seen it has been sold in underground markets in many countries. Masteron is usually supplied in the dosage of 1ml and 2 ml ampoule and 10ml/cc Vials containing 50mg or 100mg depends upon the country and Brand it comes in oil form.
Drug Name Drostanolone propoinate
Strength 100MG
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It is seen that user don’t take it in higher dosage because of the estradiol levels of the Masteron. Masteron when run alone without any stacks estradiol levels typically fall too low when this is done. To maintain the balance of estradiol levels user should stack at least Testosterone 100mg/week or at least 10mg/day of Dinabol or 1000 IU

Bulking cycle of Drostolone Propionate

Cycle 1

Masteron Stacks for Beginners

week 1-12 Injectable 250mg Testosterone Enanthate Per week
week 1-4 Orals  30-40mg Oxandrolone Per Day
 week 1-12 Injectable 300mg Drostanolone Propionate per week
week 15-18 Oral PCT 1mg Anastrazole / 50mg Clomide  Per day

Cutting cycle of Drostolone Propionate

Cycle 2

Masteron Stacks for Beginners

Week 1-8 Injectable 300mg Testosterone  Propionate Per Week
Week 1-8 Injectable 300mg Trenbolone Acetate Per Week
Week 7-12 Injectable 300mg  Masteron Per Week
Week 7-12 Injectable  300mg Winstrol Every Day
Week 15-18 Oral PCT 20mg Nolvadex/50mg Clomide  Every Day

Cycle 3

Masteron Stack For Intermediate Cycle

week 1-12 Injectable 300mg Testosterone Propoinate Per Week
week 1-12 Injectable 300mg Trenbolone Acetate/Enathate Per Week
week 8-12 Injectable 250mg Winstrol Per Week
 week 1-12 Injectable 200mg Drostanolone Propionate Per Week
Week 15-18 Oral PCT 20mg Nolvadex/50mg Clomide  Per Day

Cycle 4

Masteron Stack For Advanced  Cycle

week 1-4 Injectable 500mg Testosterone Enanthate per week
week 1-4 Injectable 400mg Nandrolone Decconate per week
week 5-8 Injectable 300m  Testosterone propionate per week
week 5-8 Injectable 700mg  Trenbolone acetate/Enanthate per week
week 9-12 Injectable 250mg Winstrol per week
week b Injectable 2 IU HGH Per Day
weeks 9-12 Injectable  400mg Drostanolone Propionate per week
Week 15-18 Oral PCT 20mg Nolvadex/50mg Clomide  Per Day